Useful information - Alpenspan

A natural product

All AlpenSpan products are made directly at Pabst Holzindustrie in the Styrian Mur Valley. Despite the fact that our family-run company is already 80 years old, it is not behind the times at all. We know what it means to process good quality for we have sourced our spruce from the best high Alpine locations for generations. This natural product is then used to make the litter for your horse. Healthy wood for happy horses.

Solid wood is our raw material

We use the wood shavings accrued during the production of cross-laminated timber and glued laminated timber to produce horse litter at the same location. This allows us to ensure during the entire process that we only produce the best for your horses in the end. Thus AlpenSpan is more absorbent than others since it is produced from fluffy, large shavings. Your horses’ comfort is increased, their boxes remain dry for longer, odours are reduced and the risk of disease is diminished.


The way from the woods to the bag is a short one at our plant. Everything stays in the region. At least until AlpenSpan horse litter is delivered to our customers all over Europe. To make sure we are always up to date the technology we use is matured, allowing us to produce AlpenSpan as energy-efficient and automated as possible. We tick all the important boxes with good conscience when it comes to ecological and economical aspects.


All horse litter is only as good as its storage quality. And that’s where AlpenSpan shines once more. The shavings are packed in precisely sealed bags that are then brought to our customers on well wrapped Europallets. Due to the fact that they are entirely waterproof, you can even store them outdoors. Also: AlpenSpan has a high bulk volume. That means that every 500 litres contain 20 kg more shavings.