• Bag size
    80 x 40 x 40
    Dimensions in cm
  • Weight
    20 kg
  • Litter volume
    500 l
  • Raw material
    Untreated spruce

Join the winning team with AlpenSpan

Those who have tried AlpenSpan once never use anything else. AlpenSpan wows with its quality and makes both horse and rider happy.

  • Dedusted wood shavings

    AlpenSpan is a state-of-the-art and ecologically harmless product for your horse box and hall floor.

  • Free from pesticides

    Free from chemical additives and pesticides, AlpenSpan is a purely natural product.

  • For a pleasant climate

    The wood shavings’ natural properties have a positive effect on the temperatures in the stables.

  • Sensitive noses

    Greatly reduced ammonia odour since AlpenSpan absorbs liquids like a sponge.

How the litter works

Regular wood shavings make for a great litter, no doubt about that. However, regular litter has to be changed every two months or so. AlpenSpan Exquisite is different: The box, paddock and the pen have to be cleaned two times per year at most. The enzymes and bacteria we mix into the shavings make sure of that and provide a perfect climate in your stables! These enzymes work like “little helpers” that bind the ammonia, preventing the air from escaping. Long manure removal intervals lower material expenses and the slightly higher cost of the Exquisite shavings quickly amortise. Another pleasant by-product is the fact that the amount of manure is greatly reduced. All aspects that make AlpenSpan Exquisite an environmentally friendly product.

Less odour, great manure

Eliminating ammonia and sharp odours, less dust and flies in the summer. In short: AlpenSpan Exquisite improves the climate in the stables. The litter turns into great, almost odourless manure that – contrary to other litter – can be used as fertiliser on fields and meadows without hesitation. Farmers report outstanding fertilising qualities which confirms a high nutrient density in the manure. What this means: Enzymes and bacteria have bound and transformed the ammonia.

A healthy mattress

Adding to this is the positive effect of the exquisite bio-active “mattress” AlpenSpan provides. It improves the health of your noble horses’ hooves, ligaments, tendons and joints as the stable floor becomes almost as soft as meadow soil. Many renowned tournament organisers now use AlpenSpan as a litter for their boxes and to build a perfect floor in the arena.

Using AlpenSpan Exquisite

AlpenSpan Exquisite is applied after thoroughly cleaning the stables. To form a base, use 30 to 50 per cent more than regular shavings. This provides an excellent mattress. Droppings are to be removed daily and so are extremely damp spots (you can spot them easily thanks to their reddish colour) as this suffocates the bacteria. This can be caused by horses always urinating in the same spot or a leaky drinking trough.