• Bag size
    80 x 40 x 40
    Dimensions in cm
  • Weight
    20 kg
  • Litter volume
    500 l
  • Raw material
    Untreated spruce

Join the winning team with AlpenSpan

Those who have tried AlpenSpan once never use anything else. AlpenSpan wows with its quality and makes both horse and rider happy.

  • Dedusted wood shavings

    AlpenSpan is a state-of-the-art and ecologically harmless product for your horse box and hall floor.

  • Free from pesticides

    Free from chemical additives and pesticides, AlpenSpan is a purely natural product.

  • For a pleasant climate

    The wood shavings’ natural properties have a positive effect on the temperatures in the stables.

  • Sensitive noses

    Greatly reduced ammonia odour since AlpenSpan absorbs liquids like a sponge.

AlpenSpan: Healthy & Styrian

AlpenSpan is a Johann Pabst Holzindustrie product The dedusted wood shavings are produced in a plant operated on the basis of state-of-the-art ecological and economical principles in Zeltweg, in the heart of natural Upper Styria, surrounded by lush and healthy spruce forests. AlpenSpan is a fixture in many a stables. After all, nature and health are the ABC of horse wellness. Horse lovers and breeders furthermore always store AlpenSpan in a clean and dry place. The 20 kg bales are packed water-tight and the foil used is very sturdy.

Packaging guarantees clean & dry shavings

Precisely sealed bags, delivered on well-wrapped Europallets that require very little storage space. The dedusted spruce shavings are a purely natural product of Johann Pabst Holzindustrie and thus free from pesticides and chemical additives. These soft shavings are perfectly suited as a litter for your horse stables. AlpenSpan is also suited to establish an optimal hall floor. Healthy, long-lasting and economical. For the good of your thoroughbreds!

AlpenSpan and the large riding tournaments

From Aachen to Zurich: A list of important riding and jumping tournaments that could be extended much further. With the Festival of Horses in Vienna being the first, many renowned tournament organisers now use AlpenSpan as a litter for their boxes and to build a perfect floor in the arena.

A healthy litter for your horses

Above all, AlpenSpan is a significant health factor for your horses. AlpenSpan works like a sponge, absorbing moist urine and thus significantly reducing ammonia odour in the stables. The hazardous cycle of e. coli bacteria is interrupted as this litter – contrary to straw – is not eaten by the horses. Furthermore AlpenSpan has a positive effect on temperature and air conditioning of stables.